Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Congratulations to Derek J. Canyon for winning November's contest.  When the poll closed last night Derek was tied with Robb Grinderstaff for the lead, so I extended the contest another 15 hours to determine the winner.  It was a tough battle, though. Robb is a terrific writer and it's obvious he's got the talent to compete on any level of competition.  Did I just sound like a football analyst?  Sorry. Congrats to Robb and Derek for the fun ride.


  1. Thanks, Gary, for the opportunity! And thanks to everyone who voted.

    For those of you who want to read more of my work, check out my website: www.derekjcanyon.com.

    Thanks to Robb for a tough competition. You should also post a link to more of your work here.

  2. It was, as always, great fun with some good reads and all different styles. Congrats Derek! And thanks Gary for doing this.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to compete, Gary. And thanks for really tough competition, Robb, Shannon, and Joyce.

    If anyone wants to read more of my stuff, you can check out my web page www.derekjcanyon.com.

    Robb, Shannon, and Joyce, you should all post links to more of your work as well!

  4. Congratulations Derek!!

    This was the first time I read your writing and I absolutely fell in love with it. You are amazing!!


  5. Thanks, Gary, for the oppportunity to compete! And thanks to Robb, Shannon, and Joyce for the tough competition.

    If anyone wants to read more of my work, you can find it at www.derekjcanyon.com. Robb, Shannon, Joyce, you should post links to more of your work here, also.

    Thanks, Azra!

  6. Glad to support such good writers. Even when the genres are so diverse, the quality of writing stands out.

  7. Congrats Derek and you too Robb. Both worthy entries. Thanks for the good reads!