Sunday, January 9, 2011


Suzanne Corso is an author, a playwrite, a film producer and has written two feature film screenplays.  Her debut novel, "Brooklyn Story," is an autobiographical tale about a fifteen-year-old girl with the desire to leave her abusive boyfriend and dysfuntional family behind and cross that bridge.  She's received wonderful praise from places like USA Today and San Francisco Book Review.  She also took some time out of her busy schedule to play 5 questions with me.

1- In "Brooklyn Story" your protagonist, Sam, has a Jewish grandmother, a Catholic mother and an abusive mob boyfriend. All of these happen to mirror your own real life story. Because it's so autobiographical, how concerned were you about the consequences of your candor?

I did nothing wrong just lived the life that I was handed, and dealt with it in stride and integrity. The entire time I just wanted to get out and make a better life for myself which I finally did and got over the bridge.

2- Do you think you would have been a writer had you not come from such a dysfunctional family?

What a fabulous question. Possibly not. The writing came to me since I had no therapy to get me out of my dysfunction, so the writing became therapeutic for me. The greatest thing I ever mastered. It made me so secure with the woman I became and the little naive girl I left behind.

3- Looking back at your teenage years, how much did you yourself long to cross the Brooklyn Bridge for Manhattan?

One hundred percent of myself wanted to leave. It wasn't Brooklyn. I loved it. It was those few people who were so stifling, I wanted and needed out. I created my character Samantha as an escape.

4- If you had to choose between producing films full time or writing novels, which would you prefer?

Wow! I love to write and I love to produce. The producing is more a colaboration, a team effort. Several great creative minds at work on one project. Its amazing and so rewarding for me. Writing is more isolating, but fulfills the soul. So, my answer is that I'm not choosing one. I want both!

5-Best of luck with Brooklyn Story. What's on the horizon for you?

Thanks.  I'm currently writing the sequel for Brooklyn Story and trying to sell the screenplay. Olympia Dukakis, Lorraine Bracco and Armand Assante are already involved with the project.


  1. I like your review on this interesting book. I look forward to reading this story. I thank you for the friendly connection on "Desperate Lands." Most important is I will be following your reviews.

    Regulo Zapata Jr.
    Author of Desperate Lands

  2. Gary- Tremendous questions and thanks for letting us know about Suzanne.

    Suzanne- "Brooklyn Story" sounds excellent and your story is very inspirational. I look forward to reading it and best of luck with all your endeavors!

  3. Thanks Sean. Glad to add some new faces to the crowd.

  4. (edit: playwright, not playwrite)