Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay, I seriously didn't mean this to happen, but the opening line which was voted as the readers favorite was actually from my short story, "The Birthday Present," which will appear in the March edition of Spinetingler Magazine.  I can never predict what will happen when I open it up to a vote.  To be fair I'm going to give a $25.00 Amazon Gift card to both writers who received votes, Philip Ellis wrote the line from letter A and Wynn Mercere wrote C, so I'm going to be sending them both gift cards for their efforts.

I'll post "The Birthday Present," here once it's released so you can read the entire story.  Anyone interested can "Like" my FB Fan page where I'll be posting other short stories prior to the release of my short story collection in April.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

A- "Anybody would think you'd never seen a ghost before," Alice says to me as we walk down the drive to Bedford Manor.

B- The living sculpture could no longer control its body, even to blink its eyes or turn them away from the horror in the mirror.

C- There was no heroic last stand to stop the invasion.

D- "You're here to kill me aren't you?"


  1. Toss up between A & D, but I think I have to go with D. Immediately makes me want to know the answer to the question.

  2. All are good. No "dark and stormy night" here. C sounds as though the story is over. A is promising, and D makes me want to hear why one wants to kill the speaker. But B made me want to know how a sculpture is "living", why it was ever "in control" and what is so "horrible". I "LIKE" that one.