Monday, October 27, 2014


When the twelve authors who released the anthology, Deadly Dozen, last year it changed the Ebook landscape forever.  Writers everywhere began collaborating in hopes of attaining even a percentage of the success the original DD Ebook accomplished, including a group I was involved with called the Thrilling Thirteen, which was extremely successful, but not Deadly Dozen successful.

So how did this work, and why?  Well, you start with super accomplished veteran authors like Diane Capri and J. Carson Black and Vincent Zandri.  Then fill it in with a collection of tremendously talented and motivated authors who were willing to allow their thrillers to be downloaded for  just pennies and you can see where this is headed.  Twelve novels from twelve quality writers for just .99 cents.  The result?  Over 100,000 copies of Deadly Dozen were downloaded in a very short period of time.  What did this do for the writers?  Well for the ones who weren’t already NY Times bestsellers, they became one themselves.  A title which can’t be taken back.  Add to that a USA Today bestseller label and you’ve got the daily double of writing accomplishments.

What about the readers?  They received the best value in this deal.  Not only did they get twelve quality books for .99 cents, but it spawned an avalanche of anthologies that go on to this day.  An avid reader could buy years worth of reading material for just a few measly bucks.  Not bad, huh?

Well, when the Deadly Dozen consortium invited me to participate in the second anthology, Deadly Dozen 2, I said yes before the question got out of Cheryl Bradshaw’s mouth.  I am flattered to be part of this prestigious group and more than anything I wish the readers will appreciate the volume of excellent storytelling they will receive for just .99 cents.  For me this was an opportunity to align myself with a group of well established authors with big time names in the publishing world.  An affiliation I do not take lightly.

Now, here’s the link to that new anthology, Deadly Dozen 2.  Get those fingers twitching:

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