Monday, June 14, 2010


I began this blog a couple of months ago with the thought that I'd start a writing contest and give new and emerging writers a place to get exposure.  I'm blessed to have a literary agent and have contacts with one or two others who were willing to help my project.  It was a good idea and will probably continue in one form or another.  If someone received attention from this blog which netted them an agent or a publishing deal I would be over-the-moon excited.

Then I thought I'd give some content as well.  Bring the reader some interviews with well-known authors like Tess Gerritsen and Catherine Coulter.  They were both gracious enough to allow me to interview them with my 5 questions segment.

Which one of these would bring more interest? Well, I'm surprised to say Tess Gerritsen and Catherine Coulter don't hold a candle to our own little online writing community.  Both NY Times bestselling authors barely registered a blip on the comments while awards and blogs about "The Cure for Writers Block" drew serious interest.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, look at what American Idol has done to us.  Not that I've watched ten minutes of the program.  I'm too much of a music fan. 

So my conclusion is that people don't want simple information, we want emotion.  I should know, I'm a writer who excels at the concept of showing, not telling.  I barely describe my protagonist, but his gyrating adams apple speaks volumes.  I will continue the contest and interviewing authors big and small, but I'll also be focussing on other more emotional issues.  Like maybe why I turned down a print book deal to publish my novel as an E-Book first.  Now there's a post waiting to happen.

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