Friday, December 13, 2013

SAVING THE WORLD--The psychological thriller which took a decade to get here.

Ever since my short story, Saving the World, received a Pushcart Prize nomination over a decade ago, I've been planning to extend the story into a novel.  The premise of the original story was about a clairvoyant teenage girl who visits a psychiatrist to warn him about these invisible aliens who are going to destroy the planet.  She's a true clairvoyant and proves it while reading the psychiatrist's mind at will.  Since the alien's are invisible, she's the only one who can hear their thoughts.  The psychiatrist is then told he has to come up with one reason Earth should be spared from obliteration.  His reason is a touching account of brave soul who dives to his death to save his infant son.  The story works and the aliens move on to another planet. The human spirit survives.

The novel with the same title is based on the same characters, but now when Margo Sutter comes to visit the psychiatrist, there's an entirely new set of baggage to overcome.  Her story is on the cover of Time Magazine and half the population believes the apocalypse is upon us, while the other half believe she's mentally unstable.  The psychiatrist, Michael Bryant, has just lost his wife and daughter to a drunk driver accident, so he's closing his practice.  He wants to leave and find a way to destroy his own life. It's not until a rogue FBI agent stalks Margo that the psychiatrist gets involved.  A priest friend of Bryant's believes that Margo is an angel brought down to save Bryant's soul. The FBI agent believes she's an alien herself and he's trying to kill her in order to save the planet.

The scary part? 
Someone is right.

Currently the thriller is an Amazon E-book exclusive for $2.99.  Other formats will follow, including a print version down the road.