Tuesday, November 28, 2017


There's been a secret project brewing for a little while that hasn't been announced yet.  Big names in the industry coming together to offer their first book in their series for practically nothing.  One of the participants is Cheryl Bradshaw, the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sloane Monroe series of thrillers.  She was kind enough to break away from her busy schedule for a quick visit.   

1-    Would you still write if you were never paid for your work?

I plan to continue writing and publishing books for the rest of my life. For me it’s more than just a career. It’s something I’m passionate about. Whenever I take a break from writing I always look forward to getting back to it.

2-    How much of your day is spent writing, or the business of writing?

Between writing and overseeing all aspects of my brand, I estimate I work around sixty hours a week.

3-    Do you have a preferred method of corresponding with your readers?

Any social media outlet where I can interact with fans is something I enjoy. Facebook seems to be the biggest gathering place, and I try to check in every day and engage with my readers.

4-    In your writing world, what would you consider success?

When I finished my first book and published it, I considered myself a success because it took me until I was in my late thirties to do it. Since then I’ve achieved so many things I never knew I would, and it all goes back to finishing that first book and getting it out there.

5-    What made you decide to get involved with Thriller Firsts? And what do you hope to accomplish?

I couldn’t ask for a better group of writers to be involved with, so it was easy for me to take part. My goal is to reach new readers who have never read my books before. 

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