Sunday, December 3, 2017


      1- Would you still write if you were never paid for your work?
      Shhhh! Please don’t tell my readers, agent, or foreign and audio publishers:  I’d continue to write even if I weren’t compensated. Not only would I; in many years, I have. Writing has been my life since I was a kid. It’s not something I do; it’s what I am.

       2- How much of your day is spent writing, or on the business of writing?
       When I’m in the planning stages, probably 4-6 hours. However, once I’m really “in the zone” and writing the story, the clock and calendar disappear. I often go 9 to 12 hours. During the final stages, racing to complete a book, my marathon sessions regularly become all-nighters. I once worked two-and-a-half days straight while writing my just-published thriller WINNER TAKES ALL. (Yeah, I know: I need a shrink.)

        3- Tell us about your latest Hunter thriller?
        WINNER TAKES ALL is the third book in my opening Dylan Hunter thriller trilogy. It’s a big, fast-paced, deviously complex political thriller that touches on just about everything in today’s headlines.

     Dylan Hunter is a journalist with a hidden past. Secretly, he’s also a justice-seeking vigilante who targets corrupt, untouchable elites.
     In this one, Hunter has promised Annie Woods, his fiancée, he’ll stop his violent activities. But an investigative reporter probing the source of illegal campaign funds is murdered. A visionary presidential candidate is targeted for personal destruction. Then, unspeakable terrorism rocks Washington, D.C.

     On the trail of the culprits, Hunter finds himself the target of a treasonous, power-hungry billionaire and his hired assassin. He faces an agonizing choice: a future with the woman he loves—or waging a one-man war against a deadly conspiracy poised to install its puppet in the White House.

       4- In your writing world, what would you consider success?
       a. Making enough money each year to continue to write full-time. b. Having readers continue to tell me the ways my books have enriched their lives. That never gets old.

        5- What made you decide to get involved with Thriller Firsts? And what do you hope to accomplish?

      How could I possibly turn down an invitation to have HUNTER share space, within a single volume, with debut thrillers by iconic authors whom I revere? I hope its place in this collection introduces many more thriller fans to my bestselling Dylan Hunter vigilante-justice thrillers. With the opening trilogy in the series—HUNTER, BAD DEEDS, and now WINNER TAKES ALL—finally complete, I’d be delighted if thousands of readers who love action, suspense, mystery, and nail-biting thrills will find a new hero to love, and a new author to follow.

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