Thursday, February 18, 2021



These are the books I read during the pandemic and felt needed attention to my readers. All of these were enjoyable and more importantly, thrilling. I really like the surprise factor and these four authors did a stupendous job of weaving a tension-filled narrative that kept you turning the pages. 

“American Dirt,” Jeanine Cummins 

It’s hard to call this book underrated when it spent most of 2020 on the New York Times bestseller list, but this was the best book I’ve read in a long time. Jeanine Cummins grabs you by the throat from the very first page and then squeezes it until the very last one. She manipulates your mind to believe everyone is after the main characters as they attempt to escape a corrupt and dangerous cartel leader for the hopes of some American dirt. The writing is impeccable. Such a great experience.

“The Paradise Piracy,” Claude Bouchard

When it comes to revenge, Canadian author Claude Bouchard owns the landscape. His Vigilante series is a refreshing take on what happens when someone gets what they deserve. He does a masterful job of showing you what terrible things people can do, then summons up the revenge they deserve. Reading this book will offer you a cathartic release for a pandemic-riddled world. Book # 16 in the Vigilante series is definitely worth the read.

“Bone Canyon,” Lee Goldberg 

This is book #2 of the three-book Eve Ronan series. Eve is the youngest detective in the LA County Sheriff’s Department and constantly feels the need to prove herself. When a wildfire uncovers some dead bodies, Eve turns a cold case into a series of decisions which puts her life at risk. If you’ve never read Lee Goldberg’s work, you’re missing someone who wrote screenplays for shows like Diagnosis Murder, Spenser for Hire and Monk. Clearly a professional author and someone who knows how to create tension. Grab the popcorn and enjoy this thriller.

“The Last Hunter,” Luke Romyn 

So far I’ve mentioned traditional thrillers and vigilante thrillers, now it’s time to speak about a fantasy thriller. Luke Romyn is an Australian author with a penchant for seriously sinister villains. The Last Hunter is one of a long line of thrillers dating back to The Dark Path, which is where I first became aware of his writing skills. If you enjoy being scared, then you’ll want to check this out. True story, while reading A Dark Path on the couch a stray cat jumped onto my patio table outside and I nearly screamed. But since this post is about 2020 thrillers, you will not be disappointed in this recommendation. Luke Romyn will have you reading with the lights on. Promise.    

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