Sunday, September 13, 2020


Yes, I've read each of these books and if you like thrillers, these are some of my favorites. And soon I believe they will be yours as well:  

Chase Baker and the Dutch of Diamonds, by Vincent Zandri

If you don’t know who Vincent Zandri is, you’re missing some great work. He’s a NY Times bestselling author who’s written dozens of books with tons of praise from writers like Don Winslow, Harlan Coban and many more. I chose this book out of his collection because I read it a couple of years ago and loved the whole Indiana Jones feel to it. Oh, and if you didn’t know, Vincent literally travels the globe to these locations for research. It pays off. 

Zeb Carter: A Covert-Ops Suspense Action Novel, by Ty Patterson

If you like edge-of-your-seat thrillers with a protagonist who plays the game with a guilt-fueled recklessness, then Zeb Carter is your guy. Carter is a former Special Forces operative with a conscious. The series is full of action-packed scenes that are both innovative and satisfying. Just read the first page of Book 1 and you’ll be hooked right away.

Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley

Yes, he’s won and Emmy, PEN, and Golden Globe, but Noah Hawley is one terrific writer. Before the Fall is about a survivor of a plane crash and the consequences and coincidences that occur before and after his fall into the ocean. It’s tense, dramatic and beautifully written. He also created the Fargo series for TV which is also one of my favorite shows.

Unknown Remains, by Peter Leonard

Yes, he’s Elmore Leonard’s son, which, full disclosure, is my favorite author, but don’t let that taint your opinion of his skills. This book has that casual feel of a guy telling you a story with a cigar and a beer and a glint of fun in his eyes. This book is about a Wall Street broker who owes a debt to the mob. That’s really all you need to know, right? Great premise with great execution.

The Lion’s Game, by Nelson Demille

One of my favorite books. It was 700 pages long and I was left wanting more. John Corey is a wise-guy ex-NYPD cop who joins an FBI task force to track down a Libyan terrorist. A 747 is heading toward JFK airport with the terrorist on board and Corey is there to take him into custody. The problem is—there’s no communication from the pilot or anyone on board. Want to know what happened? Read it, then want more, just like me.

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